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ALL work related foodborne illness is preventable.

Food safety incidents occur everywhere in the world.

For example, in England and Wales for 2005, the official Estimates of Health Consequences of Foodborne Illness / Disease (food poisoning) were 470 deaths, 765,000 total cases, 17,300 hospitalisations and economic costs estimated at £1,379 million.

Many countries do not have an effective food safety framework in place.

Diseases related to food and drinking water can significantly and adversely impact workforce productivity, particularly during large-scale construction phases of a project or during exploration projects in remote locations.

Food borne illness can be a significant health risk with the potential to affect hundreds of employees and contractors in one incident.

Enteric diseases, especially diarrhoea are among the most severe health problems in the developing world including countries where extensive oil and gas exploration & production occurs.

Detailed health & safety systems are industry standards - a comparable effective food safety system developed by the World Health Organisation known as HACCP is used to control the potential health risks from unsafe food and water.

In the UK, incidents of food poisoning on offshore facilities are reportable under health & safety legislation (RIDDOR).

An effective food safety management System within occupational health will significantly reduce the risk of a work related foodborne illness occurring.

Food safety and food hygiene starts with the design of onshore & offshore catering facilities and the tender process for all services related to the supply of food and potable water.

Food safety & food hygiene audits of subcontractors catering facilities / kitchens / galleys by a food safety / catering advisor are considered standard practice in many industries.

Food safety systems can be implemented by operators, contractors and caterers involved in offshore / onshore projects and operations including those at oil & gas refineries, topside & jacket construction sites, oil & gas production rigs / platforms, FPSO's, drilling, flotel & support vessels.

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